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Welcome to all brothers and sisters in Islam,


This site has been designed to highlight the blameworthy nature of the so-called Tarawih prayer, by giving you free access to the book Tarawih: The Innovated prayer, written by the theologian, writer and publisher Metmati Maamar. Book translated into Arabic, English, Turkish and Indonesian.


Through the various pages offered by this site, you will find key and additional information concerning the so-called Taraweeh prayer.


Thus, this work will give you the necessary means, through the studies and fights provided by the theologian Metmati Maamar, to walk towards the truth as for the question of Tarawih.


Also, the BOOKS tab is available so that you can:

- Read online the book Tarawih : The Innovated Prayer

- Download the book from our database


Similarly, the VIDEOS tab will allow you to watch and analyze:

- All the interventions of our brother Metmati Maamar on this subject (Debates, Direct-Live and Interventions facing the camera), from 2010 to date.

- Videos of preachers preaching on the Tarawih in Arabic, English, Turkish and Indonesian.


Happy reading and good viewing, awaiting your feedback, via our contact form


Wa Salam aleykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Pour toutes informations complémentaires ou autres demandes, veuillez nous contacter via notre formulaire de contact ou à l'adresse mail suivante : tarawihcontact@gmail.com

Maamar Metmati

Tarawih : La Prière Innovée


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